What to Expect

See below for a glimpse of how your recurrent certification process will work with the help of Rich Aviation Services. We pride ourselves on the quality and flexibility of our top-notch programs.

Initial Training Course Syllabus

Course length 4-5 days


Day 1-2
8 hours ground school
**16 total hours

Day 3
2 hours cockpit procedures
Training (CPT)
Two 3 hour sim sessions

Day 4
Two 3 hour sim sessions

Day 5
Optional for any extra work needed unless taking a checkride in King Air 300/350 or Citation. If taking a checkride, 1 sim session will be replaced with one 3 hour block in aircraft.

Recurrent Training Course Syllabus

Course length 2 days


Day 1
8 hours ground
If differences or RVSM are needed, add 1.5 hours ground instruction

Day 2
2 hours ground
3 hours simulator

Michael does an excellent job. Very prepared, interesting to listen to, very patient in the sim. He makes it a good worthwhile experience

S. Kander / King Air 200