Beechcraft King Air 350i Flight Training Device

We have a new addition to our fleet. In October of 2017 we added a new King Air 350i simulator to further enhance your training experience. The Redbird K35 represents a King Air 350i with Pro Line 21 avionics, including a dual FMS 3000 installation.  With over 180 degree visuals and a motion base, this simulator will help us train you to be prepared for the safe and efficient operation of your King Air aircraft.


Beechcraft King Air 200 Flight Training Device

The Beechcraft King Air 200 flight training device is equipped with a three-channel visual system, this new simulator expands on existing initial training programs for the King Air 90/100/200 and recurrent programs for the King Air 90/100/200/300/350.

Advanced Aircraft Training Device

Are you a new pilot or are you looking to enhance your personal flying abilities by adding an instrument rating to your certification? Perhaps you are looking to make the jump from piston to turbo-prop.

Our state-of-the-art AATD allows Rich Aviation Services to safely train pilots to the highest level of proficiency thanks to interchangeable modular components and aircraft performance software which enables us to simulate a variety of today’s most popular aircraft.

For the more experienced pilots, when was the last time you performed an ILS approach down to minimums? Been issued a “hold” lately? Simulator training with Rich Aviation Services’ fully functional Garmin 430 GPS coupled with a flight director and auto pilot keeps you current and proficient while providing a safe and efficient training environment.

Garmin G1000 Touch Trainer BATD

The Garmin G1000 Touch Trainer is perfect for first time flyers to get a feel for the controls before actually getting into a plane. It’s also great for those more experienced pilots just needing to learn G1000. This training device is equipped for single engine Cessna aircraft,  Cessna Caravan, Beechcraft Bonanza and Beechcraft Baron.

Hourly simulator rates are also available.

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Training is excellent. Instructor knowledge is superior with real life experience backing it up. Classroom environment is great. New King Air Specific Simulator makes it perfect.

R. Csanadi / King Air 200